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Master of Science


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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Michael T. Rehg, PhD


This research examined the effects of deployment predictability and family support on Air Force personnel's intent to leave the Air Force using measures of work interference with family, family interference with work, job and life satisfaction, and affective organizational commitment. Based upon current theory found in the literature, a model was developed linking these variables. A web-based survey was sent out via email and obtained 1,234 responses (25.5%) from Air Force personnel regarding their perceptions of aforementioned variables. Using Structural Equation Modeling, support was found via several indirect paths that predictability has a negative effect on airmen's intent to quit. Family was also found to play a significant role in airmen's intent to leave the Air Force. Interestingly, life satisfaction was found to have a direct, negative effect on respondents intent to quit. Findings provided mixed support for several demographic sub-categories as possible moderators of the hypothesized relationships. In particular, recent deployments and the presence of dependents were found to moderate several of the hypothesized relationships.

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