David M. Jurk

Date of Award


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Degree Name

Master of Science


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

First Advisor

Alfred E. Thal, Jr., PhD


Current emphasis on homeland security/defense is high. Decision makers responsible for enhancing the protection of both military and civilian personnel require additional insight when selecting ideas, concepts, or technologies to pursue with constrained resources. They are faced with multiple criteria and multiple objectives; yet they have no defensible, objective, and repeatable selection process to assist them in making their decisions. This thesis explores whether the value-focused thinking (VFT) process is appropriate for providing the necessary insight to those decision makers. To prove the VFT process is appropriate and viable; this thesis focuses on constructing a value model, scoring alternatives, and analyzing the results for a focus case-the Air Force Force Protection Battlelab (FPB). The FPB evaluates the worth of innovative force protection ideas and concepts. The results from the focus case prove that through the VFT process, decision makers are able to make objective decisions regarding which innovative force protection ideas contribute the most value to their mission. It provides justifiable defense for their decisions and enables future decisions regarding selection of innovative protection technologies with the same objectivity and defensibility.

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