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Master of Science


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Gary B. Lamont, PhD


Radar is a fundamental technology in today's military and civilian environment, and continuing development of this technology is of utmost importance to maintaining technological advantages this realm. Current radar technologies suffer from jamming and clutter limitations. STAP is a statistical method to remove this noise, however it is extremely computationally intensive, and presents several real time processing hurdles. Clutter Classification is another method to classify the radar returns that are found according to the best fit statistical distribution that the return follows. This research investigation attempts to use this clutter classification technology to aid in the detection of targets by filtering the radar returns and then passing only the target rich data the computationally complex STAP application. This research effort also attempts to optimize the STAP application through this integration to provide real time STAP radar processing power to current platforms with minimal hardware requirements.

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