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Master of Science


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Timothy M. Jacobs, PhD


Multiagent systems have received much attention in recent years due to their advantages in complex, distributed environments. Previous work at the Air Force Institute of Technology has developed a methodology for analyzing, designing, and developing multiagent systems, called Multiagent Systems Engineering (MaSE). MaSE currently does not address the information domain of the system, which is an integral part of designing proper system execution. This research extends the MaSE methodology to include the use of ontologies for information domain specification. The extensions allow the designer to specify information flow by using objects from the ontology as parameters in agent conversations. The developer can then ensure system functionality by verifying that each agent has the information required to accomplish the system goals. To fully describe the system design, the developer must describe the relationships between the system ontology and any agent component ontologies. This research also developed a ranking model to assist the user with creating such mappings, to show the relationships between the objects in the ontologies.

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