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Master of Science


Department of Operational Sciences

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William A. Cunningham, PhD


The 43rd Airlift Wing at Pope AFB, NC, possesses 33 E-model C-130 aircraft. The airplanes range in age from 30-36 years old. Current plans call for replacing Pope's aging fleet of tactical airlifters with new C-130J model planes in FY11. There are two replacement alternatives proposed in this research. The first is to calls for replacing the C-130Es with C-130Js now. The second option is upgrade the C-130Es to C-130Xs and replace them in 10 years with the C-130J. The results indicate that the least cost solution is to upgrade Pope's fleet of C-130Es to C-130Xs now. However, after conducting sensitivity analyses on the input parameters, the research shows the replace now option becomes the least cost solution when any one of the following occur: the C-130J O&S costs decrease by 15 percent below the estimated values, the service life of the C-130X drops below 6 years, or the C-130J acquisition costs decrease by 35 percent. In addition, this research looks at the budgetary consequences of each option.

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