Date of Award


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Master of Science


Department of Mathematics and Statistics

First Advisor

Alan V. Lair, PhD


In this thesis, we develop a numerical method in order to approximate the solutions of one-dimensional, non-linear absorption-diffusion equations. We test our method for accuracy against a linear diffusion equation with a solution that can be written in closed form. We then test various types of diffusion and absorption terms to determine which ones produce extinction in finite time. We also develop a numerical method to computationally solve diffusion-free equations. We compare the numerical solutions of the one-dimensional, non-linear absorption-diffusion equation and the diffusion-free equation and we find that for the cases tested, the numerical absorption-diffusion solutions are always less than the numerical diffusion-free solutions. Furthermore, we find this is true for the cases tested when there is finite and infinite extinction time. We also look at the open problem where we have slow diffusion and weak absorption but, their combined effect is strong. Our results provide some insight into the answer of this problem.

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