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Master of Science


Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics

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Curtis H. Spenny, PhD


In the most recent years, the Command, Control and Communications, Counter Measures, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C3CMISR) aircrafts are used commonly in many NATO and UN Operations around the world. These aircrafts are AWACS, JSTARS, Rivet Joint, Compass Call and ABCCC. They provide close air support in the name of airborne surveillance, ground moving target surveillance, target reconnaissance, jamming, and command, control and communications issues in operational environments. Those aircrafts are tasked with a wide variety of missions than ever before in operational theaters and each one of them comprises a specific amount of cost and risk factors. As a new vision, while replacing the existing legacy systems, multi-mission architectures are taken into consideration for the C3CMISR missions. The stated objective is designing a one tail number Multi-Mission Aircraft (MMA) that includes all the C3CMISR tasks on one airframe. This study seeks some comments and advises about the MMA design technical feasibility. In order to search for these comments, four notional operational scenarios are created. First of all existing C3CMISR aircrafts are considered and evaluated in these operational scenarios and then different MMA architectures are defined and compared with the legacy systems in the name of adequacy.

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