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Master of Science


Department of Engineering Physics

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James C. Petrosky, PhD


The effects of ionizing and non ionizing radiation on the resistivity of silicon based, piezoresistive bulk micro-machined chips from pressure transducers were examined. Standard current-voltage (I-V) measurements were taken in-situ and post-irradiation during isothermal annealing at room temperature. One group of chips was irradiated to a maximum total gamma dose of lMrad(Si) in the 11,000 Ci (60) Co gamma cell at Ohio State University. The second group of chips was irradiated at the Ohio State University Research Reactor facility to a maximum total neutron dose of 4 Mrad(Si) using beam port Hi. The resistivity was shown to decrease during gamma irradiation as a result of Compton current generation and increase during neutron irradiation as a result of displacement damage. During irradiation in the gamma cell, the chips exhibited a 0.45 plus or minus 0.19% decrease in resistivity at saturation. During the neutron and gamma irradiation in the reactor, the chips exhibited a peak change in resistivity of 2.503 plus or minus 0.003% at 2 Mrad(Si), 3.055 plus or minus 0.002% at 3 Mrad(Si), and 3.6921% (with unknown uncertainty) at 4 Mrad(Si). Regardless of the total dose received, all chips demonstrated a permanent change in resistivity of 0.7697 plus or minus 0.0006% at room temperature.

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