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Master of Science


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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Heidi S. Brothers, PhD


The United States Air Force is in the process of implementing GeoBase, an initiative to change how geospatial information resources are being acquired, implemented, exploited, and sustained on USAF installations around the world. Using GeoBase increases situational awareness and minimizes decision risk for all installation personnel GeoBase is a geographic information system, using commercial-off-the-shelf software to provide one source for spatial information on an installation. GeoBase uses imagery as one layer of information. The accuracy of the imagery directly impacts the effectiveness of GeoBase. The purpose of this thesis was to develop a decision model to be used in determining imagery refreshment in an installation's GeoBase program. A decision analysis model was developed based on the square footages of changes to the installation. A weighting method process was developed and used to better capture the mission priorities of the installation. This effort resulted in a mathematical equation providing a value representing the amount of change on an installation when compared with its imagery. Results of this effort were tested using information from six installations from three different major commands. This model produces a value comparable across the Air Force and can assist in determining refreshment strategies at each MAJCOM.

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