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Master of Science


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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Stephen P. Chambal, PhD


With the recent increase in terrorist activity, force protection has become a key issue for the Department of Defense, Leading the research for new ideas and concepts in force protection for the US Air Force is the Air Force Force Protection Battlelab (FPB). The FPB is charged with searching out force protection ideas and selecting those most worthy for future consideration. In 2002, a Value-Focused Thinking (VFT) hierarchy was created to help the FPB select those ideas that provided the most value to the Air Force and its force protection goals. This research effort uses the Future Value Analysis (FVA) approach, a decision-making methodology, to provide a more accurate project selection tool to the FPB. FVA incorporates the ideals of multi-attribute utility theory, specifically using the VFT process, as well as linear programming optimization techniques, to provide an optimal portfolio of initiatives for the FPB to pursue. FVA provides a solution that optimizes the value of initiatives selected, while remaining within the organizational constraints of the FPB. This research provides a proof of implementation for the FVA process in the force protection environment.

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