Kadir Yildiz

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Master of Science in Engineering Management


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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Alfred E. Thal, Jr., PhD.


The management of technology and innovation has become an attractive and promising field within the management discipline. Therefore, much insight can be gained by reviewing the Technology & Innovation Management (TIM) research in leading TIM journals to identify and classify the key TIM issues by meta-categories and to identify the current trends. Based on a comprehensive scientometric analysis of 5,591 articles in 10 leading TIM specialty journals from 2005 to 2014, this research revealed several enlightening findings. First, the United States is the major producer of TIM research literature, and the greatest number of papers was published in Research Policy. Among the researchers in the field, M. Song is the most prolific author. Second, the TIM field often plays a bridging role in which the integration of ideas can be grouped into 10 clusters: innovation and firms, new product development (NPD) and marketing strategy, project management, patenting and industry, emerging technologies, science policy, social networks, system modeling and development, business strategy, and knowledge transfer. Third, the connectivity among these terms is highly clustered and a network-based perspective revealed that six new topic clusters are emerging: NPD, technology marketing, patents and intellectual property rights, university-industry cooperation, technology forecasting and roadmapping, and green innovation. Finally, chronological trend analysis of key terms indicates a change in emphasis in TIM research from information systems/technologies to the energy sector and green innovation. The results of the study improve our understanding of the structure of TIM as a field of practice and an academic discipline. This insight provides direction regarding future TIM research opportunities.

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