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Master of Science


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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Daniel T. Holt, PhD


Organizations are continually forced to implement changes due to a myriad of external and internal influences, Despite the fact that organizations are predominantly in a perpetual state of change, recent research has shown that nearly 75% that have initiated large-scale change efforts have not realized the significant organizational improvements that were intended, As a preemptive measure, organizational managers are being encouraged to gauge their organization's readiness prior to implementing change initiatives, Unfortunately, over 40 unique instruments currently exist that purport to measure some aspect of readiness, Because of limited perspective, no one instrument has emerged as the standard and they are often used inappropriately without regard to the psychometric properties involved, The purpose of this study was to analyze the existing instruments available to measure readiness and integrate those that have empirically demonstrated reliability, utility, and validity into a new synergistic instrument that can be utilized across various research disciplines, The comprehensive instrument was then utilized on the Aeronautical Systems Command's Contracting Directorate, which is currently implementing several Knowledge Management initiatives designed to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization by leveraging the shared knowledge of its members, The results of the study indicate that members of ASC/PK have a generally positive attitude toward Knowledge Management initiatives, In addition, the comprehensive change model being tested fit the data.

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