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Master of Science


Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics

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Robert A. Canfield, PhD


This research is a foundational study of conformal, load-bearing antenna arrays embedded into the wing structure of a joined-wing aircraft. It is a multidisciplinary effort that touches on the aerodynamic structural and electromagnetic design considerations that stem from this unique type of sensor integration. The antenna performance Finite Element Model (FEM) and control surface effectiveness are investigated. The theory describing an ensemble of dipole antenna elements that conform to the shape of a section of the joined wing is developed. The far held flee space radiation pattern of the sensor is then analyzed for a wing that is deflected due to typical aerodynamic loading. This pattern is compared to the same antenna when the wing is not deformed. A FEM of the antenna elements is created and incorporated into the hill FEM of the joined-wing aircraft allowing its structural impact to be realized. Based on the positioning of these large sensor arrays control surfaces are placed and examined to achieve the proper handling capabilities necessary for this type of aircraft.

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