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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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William D. Wood, PhD


The electromagnetic scattering from a gap in a magneto-dielectric coating on an infinite ground plane is analyzed. In this context, the gap forms a break only in the magneto-dielectric slab coating while the ground plane is continuous and unbroken. Volume equivalence is used to convert the gap region to one containing unknown volumetric equivalent electric and magnetic currents. The equivalent problem then is one of these currents radiating in the presence of an unbroken grounded magneto-dielectric slab. A Green's function for this geometry is developed consisting of two terms: a direct coupling term and correction term to account for the multiple reflected wave series resulting from the grounded-slab geometry. This bounce correction term is formulated using periodic array theory and is derived using the Array Scanning Method. A set of coupled integral equations based on these equivalent currents is then solved via the Method of Moments using pulse basis and delta testing functions. The model can represent a gap that is of a general 2D shape (the gap is assumed to be infinite in its translational direction) and can be filled with an inhomogeneous material possessing isotropic magnetic and dielectric constitutive properties different from those of the slab coating. Scattering from the gap is evaluated for plane wave illumination that is either TM or TE with respect to the gap.

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