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Master of Science in Systems Engineering


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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John M. Colombi, PhD.


SCRUM Agile metrics and System Engineering Leading Indicators (SE LIs) are measures used to evaluate the effectiveness and performance of a project across its lifecycle. The application of metrics can provide information on both internal resources and external project stakeholder requirements and constraints, showing past changes, trends, and potential future impacts. Both SCRUM Agile and SE LIs are designed to give a systems engineer/project manager insight into development progress allowing for progress to be checked at regular intervals as well as early corrective actions to be taken if necessary. This research applied SE LIs to a SCRUM Agile project to demonstrate if it was possible to integrate and utilize the two different sets of performance metrics to enhance a SCRUM Agile project. This thesis identified 16 of the 18 SE LIs could be integrated and utilized in an SCRUM Agile project. Those 16 identified leading indicators were applied to a representative software development scenario in order to demonstrate how it is possible to integrate SE LIs into a SCRUM Agile project.

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