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Master of Science


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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David P. Biros, PhD


The idea of anywhere and anytime learning is enticing from a military standpoint, given the high deployment rates in the current operational environment. Electronic-based learning is seen as an answer to this requirement. Currently there are many variations in electronic-based instructional media, and little has been done to determine which format or combination of formats is most conducive to facilitating knowledge transfer and learning. The research project explores, through the use of an experiment, three primary constructs of media richness, content flexibility, and forced engagement, in their relation to effectiveness or productivity in facilitating learning in the experimental participants. The instructional subject matter of choice in this experimental research was the art of detecting deceptive communication. Within the confines of this study, little empirical evidence was found to support the idea that any of the specific variations of electronic training medium outperformed the others in facilitating knowledge transfer.

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