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Master of Science


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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Summer E. Bartczak, PhD


The practice of content management attempts regardless of platform to ensure that pertinent information is current, relevant, and presented in a usable manner. The Air Force Communities of Practice (CoPs) are hosted by AFMC/DRW, The purpose of these CoPs is to facilitate and promote an environment of capturing and sharing knowledge among members of a particular field task or common practice. As the host for these CoPs AFMC/DRW desires to increase CoP participation efficiency and effectiveness. Addressing existing or potential content management issues will help do so. This multiple-case study research observed and interviewed managers and members of eight active CoPs busted by AFMC/DRW. This research suggested that the interviewed CoPs currently use no formally documented content management processes. Some CoP members indicated developing formal content management processes and procedures establishing a good taxonomy and better defining roles and responsibilities of content owners may help solve future content management Issues.

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