Mary M. King

Date of Award


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Master of Science


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

First Advisor

Summer E. Bartczak, PhD


Organizations implement information systems (IS) for various reasons such as streamlining daily functions and keeping pace with changes in technology. Influence behaviors demonstrated by key leaders in reference to the implementation of such information systems play a key role in their acceptance and success. This research looks at a specific case of IS implementation and the role influence behaviors played in the successfulness of the system. This research is a case study of the Air Force Institute of Technology's (AFIT) implementation of an academic support system called Interviews and documentation gathered from key parties involved in the implementation provided a basis for understanding the implementation effort and the effect influence behaviors had on the successfulness. This research showed how the use of positive influence behaviors by key leaders results in a successful implementation effort. In addition to the use of positive influence behaviors by key leaders, the success of the implementation effort is tied to management and implementers and their ability to address user concerns early in the implementation effort.

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