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Master of Science


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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Mason Rice, PhD.


Now more than ever, organizations are being created to protect the cyberspace environment. The capability of cyber organizations tasked to defend critical infrastructure has been called into question by numerous cybersecurity experts. Organizational theory states that organizations should be constructed to fit their operating environment properly. Little research in this area links existing organizational theory to cyber organizational structure. Because of the cyberspace connection to critical infrastructure assets, the factors that influence the structure of cyber organizations designed to protect these assets warrant analysis to identify opportunities for improvement.

This thesis analyzes the cyber‐connected critical infrastructure environment using the dominant organizational structure theories. By using multiple case study and content analysis, 2,856 sampling units are analyzed to ascertain the level of perceived uncertainty in the environment (complexity, dynamism, and munificence). The results indicate that the general external environment of cyber organizations tasked to protect critical infrastructure is highly uncertain thereby meriting implementation of organic structuring principles.

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