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Master of Science


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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Alan R. Heminger, PhD


The goal of this research is to develop an information sharing and database integration model and suggest a framework to fully satisfy the United States Marine Corps collaboration requirements as well as its information sharing and database integration needs. This research is exploratory; it focuses on only one initiative: the IT-21 initiative. The IT-21 initiative dictates The Technology for the United States Navy and Marine Corps, 2000-2035: Becoming a 21st Century Force. The IT-21 initiative states that Navy and Marine Corps information infrastructure will be based largely on commercial systems and services, and the Department of the Navy must ensure that these systems are seamlessly integrated and that information transported over the infrastructure is protected and secure. The Delphi Technique, a qualitative method approach, was used to develop a Holistic Model and to suggest a framework for information sharing and database integration. Data was primarily collected from mid-level to senior information officers, with a focus on Chief Information Officers. In addition, an extensive literature review was conducted to gain insight about known similarities and differences in Strategic Information Management, information sharing strategies, and database integration strategies. It is hoped that the Armed Forces and the Department of Defense will benefit from future development of the information sharing and database integration Holistic Model.

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