Grace M. Beck

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Master of Science


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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Rita A. Jordan, PhD


In 1998, the Aerospace Communications and Information Expertise (ACE) program was implemented to provide a common operational foundation for new Air Force Communications and Information officers. Training's crucial role in providing Air Force effectiveness and efficiency in the officer corps is demonstrated by the formal training courses new officers are required to attend for instruction in their jobs. The importance of training, and subsequent training evaluation, is evident for two significant reasons: the skills required by Air Force Communications and Information officers and the amount of investment in training. Investment in training includes money, time, equipment, and any other significant factor that contributes to training and education of personnel in order for them to acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to perform their job. While training and training evaluation research is progressing, there is still a lack of training evaluation as well as training effectiveness methodologies at this time. By developing and testing an appropriate training effectiveness model that will aid in determining whether or not training is effective; this research seeks to aid in increasing effectiveness of BCOT

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