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Master of Science in Engineering Management


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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Heidi S. Brothers, PhD


This research investigated the armed services current uses of GIS, and asked the question whether or not a joint GIS program could benefit the DOD. An information technology implementation model was presented as a framework to implement a joint GIS program. It was found that all four armed services use GIS for forward deployments. The Army has its Combat Terrain Information System (CTIS). The Navy's digital nautical charts are a GIS. The Marine Corps has created their Geographically Linked Information Display Environment (GLIDE) program, which is similar to a map repository. Finally, the Air Force has its GeoBase program for installation GIS, and GeoReach is the expeditionary deployment base-planning subset. The research methodology combined a case study and a Delphi study. The case study research examined a single Army GIS unit for current GIS implementation methods and uses. The Delphi study asked eight DOD GIS experts their opinions about current GIS uses and the possibility of a joint GIS program. Through the case study and Delphi research, it was found that information flow between the services is limited and that a joint GIS program may bring improved and new planning and executing capabilities for the DOD.

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