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Master of Science in Electrical Engineering


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Richard A. Raines, PhD


Cyber Warfare is widely touted to be the next generation of warfare. As America's reliance on automated systems and information technology increases, so too does the potential vulnerability to cyber attack. Nation and non-nation states are developing the capability to wage cyber warfare. Historically, the Air Force and DoD have concentrated their efforts toward defensive network operations. However, a shift in doctrine has shown both the Air Force and DoD acknowledging the potential for Information Warfare. What appears to be lacking is the trained and educated cyber warrior force that will carry out the information operations if needed. This research project examines the doctrine of DoD and national agencies to engage in information operations and efforts in place to train cyber warriors. In turn, this research project offers recommendations for a career development and progression model for an Air Force Cyber Warrior force.

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