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Master of Science


Department of Operational Sciences

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Stephen M. Swartz, PhD


This thesis empirically assessed how duty schedule variance and overtime affect the job satisfaction and turnover intentions of USAF F-16 crew chiefs. A survey was completed by 346 active duty USAF F-16 crew chiefs regarding their perceptions of duty schedule variance, overtime, job satisfaction and intent to leave the Air Force. Theory suggests that turnover behavior is a multistage process that involves organizational, individual, and attitudinal components. Using multivariate correlation and regression analyses, plausible evidence was found to support the idea that duty schedule variance and overtime plays a role in USAF F-16 crew chief turnover intentions via job satisfaction. Additional evidence supported the theory that these path relationships changed in strength for demographic sub-categories based on age, but not for education, length of service, marital status or number of dependents

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