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Master of Science


Department of Operational Sciences

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Stanley E. Griffis, PhD


The AMC Directorate of Logistics is responsible for ensuring AMC aircraft are available to accomplish the mission. Currently, however, the organization lacks an objective tool for assessing the impact of proposed operations on the health of the fleet, To improve this process, the Directorate has initiated the development of a Mobility Aircraft Availability Forecast (MAAF) simulation model designed to identify alternatives and associated impacts on aircraft availability, manpower, and cost. This research seeks to assist the MAAF development effort by identifying and demonstrating how different base support factors impact the availability of AMC aircraft. To address this research objective, multiple simulation models were developed using the Airfield Simulation Tool (AST). The impact of changing resource levels was assessed for different locations and aircraft arrival profiles. Results of this research yield practical implications for developers of the MAAF model and air mobility planners.

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