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Master of Science


Department of Operational Sciences

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Bradley E. Anderson, PhD


Every year the Air Force Material Command (AFMC) funds the MSD Engineering list. The projects on the list are submitted by the Air Logistic Centers in order to address problems with the maintainability or reliability of a reparable part. AFMC funds the projects to determine the root cause of the problem and find the best solution to fix the part. Since the MSD Engineering list is funded in order to improve maintainability and reliability, not as a cost savings initiative, the actual benefits gained from the funds spent on the MSD Engineering list have not been identified. This thesis uses the FY99 MSD Engineering list as a representative sample of all MSD Engineering lists to identify how much of the money spent on the projects actually results in a benefit to the Air Force. Additionally, this study attempts to determine if there are any factors that correlate with projects that benefit the Air Force, and any common factors in projects that did not benefit the Air Force. Finally, this project attempts to describe the types of benefit the Air Force receives from the MSD Engineering list.

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