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Master of Science in Cost Analysis


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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Michael A. Greiner, PhD


In 1970 the Department of Defense introduced the Department of Defense Directive 5000 (DoD 5000) to standardize the acquisition process. The directive created oversight forums to ensure the policies and procedures created were followed, to track program progress, and to identify programs in trouble. Although oversight was essentially created to help reduce the cost of acquisitions, there is reason to believe that it may increase the costs. However, because only been a few studies have been conducted to estimate the cost of oversight, no one knows how much "oversight" actually costs individual programs. Numerous oversight processes are being used today, but there is no research showing that one process is any different from another. Also, there have not been any studies to determine the cost drivers for oversight. This thesis will provide a foundation and potential cost savings recommendations that would benefit the Department of Defense in most of the acquisition programs it monitors. An estimated cost of oversight will be calculated for programs following three different oversight processes using the Delphi Methodology. The estimates will be compared to determine if there are any statistical differences between them. A future track for the next generation of oversight processes will develop from the recommendations.

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