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Master of Science


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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Michael A. Greiner, PhD


This research is based on the Air Force and AFIT balancing mission requirements of personnel needed for duty and training airmen in advanced studies. Currently, over 50% of AFIT students do not meet AFIT entrance requirements. The purpose of this research was to examine criteria to determine its predictability of graduate success, as measured by graduate GPA, as well as determine whether performance is different for students who require criteria to be waived. Current AFIT eligibility criteria include undergraduate GPA, GRE test scores, or GMAT test scores. Other variables examined in this study include: GRE-Analytical test scores; rank/grade; prior enlistment; AFSC; gender; and number of members in household. This research found GMAT scores were a better predictor of success than GRE scores for management students. GRE-Q scores were good predictors for all students, while GRE-V scores were moderately good predictors for management students only. GRE-A scores should be added as a requirement with an appropriate standard. Undergraduate GPAs should be used as a guideline, not eligibility criteria into AFIT. Waivers should not be given for multiple deficiencies when possible, though there was little difference in the performance of students who met the criteria and those who did not. There was also little difference in the performance of students depending upon the type of waiver given.

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