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Master of Science


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Michael A. Temple, PhD


Techniques for the non-cooperative (non-matched filter) detection of impulse-like ultra wideband signals using channelized receiver architectures are developed and evaluated. Each technique considered is modeled and simulations conducted to characterize detection performance, the results of which are compared with the detection performance of three receivers: the matched filter receiver, which provides optimum detection performance in AWGN; the radiometer, or energy detector; and the multi-aperture cross correlation receiver. It is shown that a channelized receiver (with no downconversion) can provide approximately 2.5 dB improvement over the radiometer when performing detection using the temporal-temporal matrix (TTM). The TTM processing technique provides the best performance of all the proposed channelized receiver techniques. Detection with a downconverting channelized receiver is shown dependent on mixer phase value with performance variation generally minimized as the number of channels increases (channel bandwidth decreases).

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