Lisa S. Thiem

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Master of Science


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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Dennis D. Strouble, PhD


Damage assessment for computer networks is a new area of interest for the Air Force. Previously, there has not been a concerted effort to codify damage assessment or develop a model that can be applied in assessing damage done by criminals, natural disasters, or other methods of damaging a computer network. The research undertaken attempts to identify if the Air Force MAJCOM Network Operations Support Centers (NOSC) use damage assessment models or methods. If the Air Force does use a model or method, an additional question of how the model was attained or decided upon is asked. All information comes from interviews, via e-mail or telephone, of managers in charge of computer security incidents at the Major Command level. The research is qualitative, so there are many biases and opportunities for additional, more research. Currently, there is some evidence to show that several Network Operations Support Centers are using some form of damage assessment, however, each organization has highly individualized damage assessment methods that have been developed internally and not from a re-producible method or model.

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