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Master of Science


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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Kevin L. Elder, PhD


Organizations introduce change to strengthen organizational performance and improve effectiveness. Drawing from literature in the areas of organizational change and personality characteristics, this study seeks to uncover the influence personality has on an individual's readiness for change. Data were utilized from two previous studies that sampled both an American organization and a Korean organization. The administered questionnaires captured data pertaining to the individuals' perceptions of the change process, their personality attributes, and their readiness for change. Using a statistical method known as moderated multiple regression, the study examined whether personality moderates the impact the change process has on an individual's readiness for change. While the results of the study where not conclusive, evidence was uncovered indicating there are meaningful relationships between the process used to induce change, personality, and an individual's readiness for change. This is another indication that organizational leadership should not overlook the lower echelon worker's individual needs and concerns when implementing change.

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