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Master of Science


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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Kevin L. Elder, PhD


With the implementation of "one Air Force, one network" under way it is important to look at how the Air Force plans to incorporate the medical field and its unique systems, networks, and mission. The medical field presents distinctive problems not seen in other areas. Open network vulnerabilities in the medical information systems not only pose a problem for the individual, but to the military service also. Possible security holes provide both access to vital military & personal information (end strength numbers, current status of personnel, social security), and a door way into the "network". Intruders now can possibly access command & control systems and other weapon systems. This research provides insight into the current & future information initiatives dealing with the Air Force's medical field and the Department of Defense's approach to system security. This research additionally looks at the laws and regulations dealing with privacy and ethical issues. This purview starts with the recently enacted Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability ACT (HIPPA), and concludes with the Laws of Armed Conflict. The research questions were answered through the use of a Case Study and a comprehensive literature review. The medical and network support teams from two Air Force medical facilities were the basis of this study.

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