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Master of Science


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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Summer E. Bartczak, PhD


In 2001, the Office of the Civil Engineer, Installation and Logistics, Headquarters, United States Air Force, (ILE) identified Civil Engineer Squadrons as the central point of contact for all base-level mapping requirements/activities. In order to update mapping methods and procedures, ILE has put into place a program called GeoBase, which uses private sector Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology as a foundation. In its current state, GeoBase uses the concept of a "Common Installation Picture (CIP)" to describe the goal of a consolidated "visual" that integrates the many layers of mapping information. The CIP visual is formed from a collection of data elements that are termed Mission Data Sets (MDS). There are varieties of MDS each of which contain data specific to a particular geospatial domain. The research uses a case study methodology to investigate how the MDS are designed, implemented, and used within four USAF Civil Engineer Squadron Electrical and Utilities Work Centers. The research findings indicate that MDS design and implementation processes vary across organizations; however, fundamental similarities do exist. At the same time, an evolution and maturation of these processes is evident. As for MDS usage within the Electrical and Utilities Work Centers, it was found that MDS usage is increasing; however, data quality is a limiting factor. Based on the research findings, recommendations are put forward for improving wing/base-level GeoBase program design, implementation, and usage.

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