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Master of Science


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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David D. Bouvin, PhD


The use of and dependence on, Information technology (IT) has grown tremendously in the last two decades. Still, some believe the United States is only in the infancy of this growth. This explosive growth has opened the door to capabilities that were only dreamed of in the past. As easy as it is to see how advantageous this technology is, it also is clear that with its advantages come distinct responsibilities and new problems that must be addressed. For instance, the minute one begins using information processing systems, the world of information assurance (IA) becomes far more complex. As a result, the push for better IA is necessary. To reach this increased level of IA, a further dependence on technology has developed. As an example, the field of biometrics has matured and has become an enabler to the U.S. Department of Defense IA model.

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