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Master of Science


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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Alfred E. Thal, Jr., PhD


Infrastructure systems and facilities have deteriorated due to the impact of limited defense funding and competing priorities within the Air Force. The current method used for infrastructure prioritization is influenced by political sensitivity and uncertainty regarding the consequences of various funding decisions. Senior leaders need to better understand how their funding decisions will impact the overall condition and service life of the installation's infrastructure systems and facilities. The purpose of this research was to improve the method of prioritizing infrastructure projects through the use of a decision analysis methodology known as Value-Focused Thinking. The value model was created based on the perspective of the civil engineer with inputs from a proxy decision maker at Headquarters Air Force Materiel Command. The model was used to apply three funding strategies to develop prioritized lists of restoration and modernization projects. It also applies metrics to compare the three funding strategies and their impact to the installation's infrastructure. The resulting model provides insight to the decision maker on which funding strategy is best suited for prioritizing infrastructure projects and how their selection of prioritized projects will impact the overall condition and service life of infrastructure systems and facilities.

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