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Master of Science


Department of Operational Sciences

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Raymond W. Staats, PhD


This research develops the Advanced Academic Degree (AAD) Inventory Model (AADIM) to employ an inventory management approach to select, educate, and assign officers to duties that require incumbents possessing advanced education in specialized technical disciplines. The AADIM offers an alternative approach to the US Air Force's current billet-based Graduate Education Management System (GEMS). The entry model (AADIM-E) generates, via user inputs, a career field specific advanced education profile and then employs a Markov model to forecast the educational quotas necessary to achieve the desired profile within a prescribed period of time. The utilization model (AADIMU) uses an additive multi-attribute value function to ascribe a qualification score, based on a selected set of weighted criteria, to each officer with respect to each available duty assignment. An integer programming formulation is then solved to obtain an optimal matching between officers and assignments that maximizes the summed qualification scores. The research demonstrates that AADIM-E can be used to evaluate the feasibility and practicality of long-term policies such as career field manning, the desired proportion and timing of officers requiring advanced education, as well as the length of time allowed to achieve such goals. The AADIM-U yields an objective methodology to manage AAD officers, as long-term inventory assets, to yield substantially greater incumbency rates for AAD positions than historically achieved using the current GEMS process.

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