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Master of Science


Department of Operational Sciences

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Kirk A. Patterson, PhD


The Chief of Staff Logistics Review of 1999 examined a multitude of process issues and their resulting impact on organizational structure. A resulting initiative was to transition the pick-up and delivery function from the Material Management flight (LGRM) to the Vehicle Operations section (LGRVO). The motivation of this initiative, more specifically referred to as Supply/Transportation Reengineering, was to streamline similar processes, and to effectively and efficiently utilize resources. The goal of this transition was to use fewer people and resources to provide pick-up and delivery service to wing customers with minimal adverse impact to customer service and to improve overall mission support. Concerned about actual or perceived degradation in pick-up and delivery service, some Logistics Readiness Squadron (LRS) commanders have chosen to co-locate vehicle operators with LGRM to perform pick-up and delivery service, despite Air Force guidance that forbids it. This research is an analysis of actual or perceived impacts caused by the two different functional alignments in terms of pick-up and delivery service and vehicle operator utilization.

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