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Master of Science


Department of Operational Sciences

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Stephan P. Brady, PhD


Organizational structure builds the foundation from which organizations operate. To gain full potential of structural efficiencies in the current operating environment, public and private firms are continually modifying their organizational structure. The U.S. Air Force is no different and underwent its most recent reorganization in the fall of 2002 replacing the post-Gulf War format of the previous decade. Air Force leadership needs to understand how well the current structure is performing at achieving its intended objectives. This research investigates the effectiveness of the recent change to Air Force organizational structure on aircraft maintenance performance through an analysis of aircraft maintenance metrics. To observe effects both within and across the Air Force, four years of data were analyzed from three F-16 units and three KC-135 units representing two of the significant Air Force Major Commands. The analytical methods used for this research include testing assumptions of normality and variance of sample data, homogeneity of variance and comparison of means, weighted factoring, and trend analysis using linear regression to determine the overall effectiveness of the combat wing structure. Results of this analysis allowed the researcher to postulate an answer to the overall research question. This answer and other associated findings can assist Air Force leaders in understanding how to enhance operational performance.

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