Date of Award


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Master of Science


Department of Operational Sciences

First Advisor

Alan W. Johnson, PhD.


The Argentine Air Force Materiel General Directorate (AAFMGD) has initiated an effort to assure logistical support and to gradually increase the productivity and efficiency of related processes. Within the efforts of increased productivity and efficiency over the AAF Overhauling Facilities, the Planning and Control Departments (PCD) became targets for improvements. These departments are tasked with providing the best certainty and visibility of all assets within their facilities to feed the logistics pipeline, and better support air operations. This thesis, sponsored by the MGD, is focused on achieving improvements in the PCD processes, through an academically rigorous evaluation of confounding factors and the eventual selection of appropriate information technology solutions. Software solutions were evaluated on their ability to produce the desirable benefits of improving current processes control, improving project timeline certainty, and obtaining visibility over the overhauling and maintenance activities so as to better support management-level decisions. Two solutions are proposed to the AAFMGD for final review.

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