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Master of Science


Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics

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Miltion E. Franke, PhD


This thesis encompasses a feasibility analysis of a parachute extracted generic precision guided munition from the cargo bay of a C-130 aircraft in flight. This analysis utilizes the USAF Beggar code and incorporates full physics effects as well as aerodynamic loading assuming an inviscid aircraft and viscous store for a time-accurate solution. Both an immediate and time varying application of the parachute force are utilized as well as two different ordnance body styles at zero and 5 degrees AOA with the store placed on centerline and offset in the cargo bay. The time accurate parachute model is based on empirical data and more closely follows the force fall off as the parachute slows down during the extraction process. Both store body styles were successfully extracted from the cargo bay without contacting any portion of the delivery aircraft, following a safe trajectory down and away from all of the release conditions. The extraction took 1.7 seconds with the immediate application of the parachute force and 2.1 seconds when the time varying model was applied. The maximum roll seen during an extraction was 13 degrees, which was the largest movement on any axis.

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