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Master of Science


Department of Operational Sciences

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Jeffery D. Weir, PhD.


Military Entry Control Facilities (ECFs) are unique service queues that are constrained by space, receive high peak traffic flow, and have a customer base that must receive service. Due to complexity of the interactions within the system, simulations provide input that would be impractical for quantitative experimentation. Our research examines relationships within the ECF in order to develop insights that could lead to more efficient daily operations. We focus the research on interactions that generate a queue length that would interfere with traffic flow surrounding the base. Examining the interactions between multiple arrival rates and service times as well as the layout and model of the ECF we establish criterion for Officers in Charge (OICs) to make changes within the constraints of the ECF to their operations to better serve the customers and prevent ECF traffic from interfering with the community outside the military base.

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