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Master of Science in Cost Analysis


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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Edward D. White, PhD


As research into Operating and Support (O and S) costs matures, the focus can narrow. This research represents a first of its kind for the Air Force; it is an empirical study to analyze the effects of new engines on fuel efficiency and maintenance over those engines they replace. Within this research, new engines are those with distinct Type Series Modification (TMS) designators that appear within categories of Mission Designation System (MDS) aircraft. The only new engines appear on C-5s, C-130s, and C-135s. The inclusion of retired engines brings in two fighter aircraft, F-15s and F-16s. The data source is the Air Force Total Ownership Cost (AFTOC) database, which collects flying hours and gallons of fuel and is available by engine. Using this data, the realized fuel efficiencies of the new engines can be effectively graphed, quantified and tested. Maintenance costs are not tracked by engine but are approximated from ratios determined by AFTOC. Of note, these costs do not include Contractor Logistics Support (CLS) which may weaken the analysis for estimating future engine maintenance costs. From the data available, the potential savings that can be realized in fuel and maintenance are significant and do not come at a trade-off in engine performance.

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