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Master of Science


Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics

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Ralph A. Anthenien Jr., PhD


This study investigated the design parameters necessary for the construction and use of a testing facility built to test the combustor section of engines. User inputs were acquired by interview and used in the decisions made in arrangement of pieces of machinery and how different systems were to interact. The design was then carried out as the various parts of the facility were built and installed. Software was designed which controlled the different parts of the combustion process and monitored the different products of combustion as well as the properties of the air and fuel used in the combustion. These measurements were analyzed to determine the efficiency of combustion in the combustor. All systems and measurements were conducted and operated while following the guidance set forth in SAE ARP 1256. Safeguard systems were also designed into the facility to maintain a safe work environment for the user. These safeguards include automatic fuel shut-offs, heater shut-offs, and general system power downs. While the system was originally designed to handle the testing of a planar 2-D combustion chamber, the labs now have the capability to analyze any type of system that requires a combustion analyzer that follows SAE ARP 1256, a system that requires heated air or fuel, a system that requires an exhaust system to pull gasses out of the testing area, or a system that needs open flame. These additional capabilities allow further research to be conducted on site with an increase in ability to report different results.

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