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Master of Science


Department of Operational Sciences

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John O. Miller, PhD.


Simulation is a useful technique for engineers and operations researchers. One of the primary advantages of simulation models is that they are able to provide users with practical feedback when analyzing real-world systems. This thesis builds a discrete event simulation of the sortıe generatıon process, to help decision makers in performing analyses regarding quantity of manpower, bottlenecks in supply and maintenance activities; as well as utilization of maintenance manpower, cost and number of sorties produced in a specific time. We only model one aircraft system with four Line Replacement Units (LRU), but any system and its LRUs can be included in our simulation. Our analysis focuses on eight Measures of Effectiveness (MOE) from our simulation. The final simulation provides a reasonable representation of many, but not all, characteristics of the sortie generation process. It is a preliminary simulation tool for further research on the sortie generation process in the Turkish Air Force, and provides decision-makers with the ability to analyze the sortie generation process in support of future decisions.

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