Ann Wong-Jiru

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Master of Science


Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics

First Advisor

John M. Colombi, PhD


As the Department of Defense continues its transformations to a network centric force, evaluating DoD's progression towards net-centricity remains a challenge. This research proposes to extend the Network Centric Operation Common Framework Version 2.0 (draft) with the metrics based in graph theory and, specifically addresses, among other metrics, the measurement of a net-centric force's mission effectiveness. The research incorporates the importance of understanding network topology for evaluating an environment for net-centricity and using network characteristics to help commanders assess the effects of network changes on mission effectiveness. The multi-layered model of Network Centric Operations and interlayer mapping are introduced to address the interdependent contributions of people, systems, and processes to the success of net-centric operations. A layered network model was populated with data derived from the 2006 Joint Expeditionary Forces Experiment (JEFX). Both static and dynamic network analyses were performed to characterize the network structures and to demonstrate how the interlayer mapping allows networks changes at one layer affects the networks characteristics of other layers. Thirty four excursions were performed on a three-layer model of JEFX network centric operations and the network characteristics were measured using twelve graph-theoretical metrics.

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