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Master of Science


Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics

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Milton E. Franke, PhD


This thesis examines the transient heating and cooling responses of graphitized carbon foam infiltrated with phase change material (PCM). The carbon foam provides rapid heat transfer throughout the PCM volume, while the PCM stores the heat for later removal. The foam/PCM system was heated with a copper heating block, and then cooled with a liquid-cooled heat removal block. Infiltrating the foam with PCM significantly increased the length of time before the system reached maximum temperature. The temperature response of the foam/PCM system was consistent over multiple cycles of heating and cooling. A high density foam had a faster heating and cooling response than a low density foam. A comparison of the temperature profile at various locations within a sample shows that it can be modeled as a lump block. The effects of contact resistance were shown by using different substances between the heater and the test article.

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