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Master of Science


Department of Engineering Physics

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Glen P. Perram, PhD.


The populations of the excited argon 3s23p54s (s5 only) and 3s23p54p configurations in a 10 W radio frequency discharge has been studied using optical emission and diode laser absorption spectroscopy. By optically bleaching the s5→p9 transition with a narrow band laser pump of about 10 W/cm2 at 811 nm, the p9 population was increased by about a factor of 2 at a pressure of 5 Torr. At higher pressure, collisional mixing to adjacent p-states limited the laser-increased p9 population to less than 10 percent. All other laser-induced p-state populations were minimally affected at low pressure and increased by about a factor of 4 at higher pressure. The low pressure absorption line shapes exhibited an inhomogeneous hole with band-integrated absorbance that scaled linearly with pump power. The s5 population was greater than 7×1011 cm-3 at a pressure of 5 Torr, and about 57 percent of this population was moved to the p9 state at 828 mW, or about 10 W/cm2. Implications for development of a higher power optically pumped rare gas laser are discussed.

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