Hyouk Yoon

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Master of Science in Environmental Engineering and Science


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

First Advisor

Mark N. Goltz, PhD


In this study, flux measurements obtained using two methods are compared with known mass fluxes in a meso-scale three-dimensional artificial aquifer. One method, the tandem recirculating well (TRW) method, is applied using two different techniques. One technique is simple and inexpensive, only requiring measurement of heads, while the second technique requires conducting a tracer test. The second method, the integrated pump test (IPT) method, requires use of one or more pumping and observation wells in various configurations. The results of the experiments in the artificial aquifer show that the most expensive technique, the TRW method using tracers, provides the most accurate results (within 15%). The TRW method that relies on head measurements is very inaccurate, so the technique appears not to be viable for flux measurement. The IPT method, although not as accurate as the TRW method using the tracer technique, does produce relatively accurate results (within 60%). IPT method inaccuracies appear to be due to the fact that the method assumptions were not well-approximated in the artificial aquifer.

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