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Master of Science in Engineering Management


Department of Systems Engineering and Management

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Sonia E. Leach, PhD


The primary purpose of the research was to evaluate whether there was a significant difference in housing values of those affected by the noise of USAF aircraft. The secondary purpose was to evaluate whether there was a significant difference in housing values located near USAF bases with and without aircraft noise and to evaluate whether type of aircraft changed the results created by the aircraft noise. This research effort found that homes located within the 65 dB DNL contour of US Air Force installations showed a significant negative impact due to the presence of aircraft noise when studied with the hedonic pricing method of non-market valuation. The results of this research show that current methods of noise mitigation are not adequately alleviating the disturbance that USAF aircraft noise causes local residences. This research effort was the first to evaluate a large number of USAF installations with the hedonic method. Previous studies concentrated on two individual bases. Because this study focused on all of the installations in ACC, it is able to draw conclusions for a larger set of installations. Future research needs to be accomplished in additional major commands to determine whether this is an AF-wide issue or command-specific.

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