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Master of Science in Applied Physics


Department of Engineering Physics

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Glen P. Perram, PhD


A new spectroscopic technique applicable to the detection of ultra-weak and for- bidden molecular transitions is presented. The method is based on off-axis integrated-cavity-output spectroscopy (ICOS). The primary goal for this research effort is to utilize the ICOS technique and demonstrate its ability to provide quantitative data of singlet delta oxygen. This thesis will focus on three areas of characterization to achieve this goal. First, the absolute line positions will be determined and compared to values derived from the most recent theory. Second, the integrated absorption cross-sections will be verified using Boltzmann analysis. Finally, pressure broadening coefficients will be determined for select lines using a range of pressures from 25 to 100 Torr. After the coefficients are determined, this experiment will hope to be the first in discerning a rotational dependence on pressure broadening for an electric-quadrupole allowed transition.

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